Gear Pro GDV285 up against the GoPro

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It's been a few years now since the GoPro came along and took the market by storm, removing the need of big bulky cameras in action packed locations.

The Gear Pro GDV285 was created as cheap alternative to the much more expensive GoPro and Sony action cameras, with similar video quality for a ΒΌ of the price.

As with the alternative action cameras it and also capture stills at 12, 10 and 8 megapixel, paired with the timelapse feature it can create stunning videos.

Despite not having anything higher than 1080p video at 30FPS it does have high speed modes at smaller resolutions, 720p at 60FPS and 120FPS at 480p. The recording format container is AVI and uses microSD for it's storage, maximum of 32GB.

Gear Pro GDV285 up against the GoPro